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Workplace Health and Safety Products

At NECA SA/NT we have an extensive range of Workplace Health and Safety products to assist you to meet your WHS requirements in your business. 

1. HSEQ Management System

The NECA SA/NT Branch has a Health Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) Management System specifically designed to serve the electrical, communications, refrigeration and air conditioning industries. This system is focused on assisting sole contractors and businesses to take responsibility for the health, safety, environment and quality requirements of their business by providing an integrated and user-friendly management system which can be tailored to your individual needs. This system will help members to meet their responsibilities under the new Workplace Health and Safety Legislation 2012 and is independently audited to ensure compliance is met. Containing all of the relevant forms, safe work method statements, risk assessments and tools required, this resource is your best way to ensure that you are fulfilling your requirements under Legislation.

For further information on NECA SA/NT's HSEQ Management System you can download the brochure by clicking here >>

Alternatively you can visit the HSEQ Management System website.


2. HSEQ Digital

This new digital product encompasses all of the HSEQ Management System documents but in an easy-to-use cloud-based solution. Powered by Safetyminder, the HSEQ Digital has both an End User app for tradespeople in the field and an Admin licence for those managing your WHS Management System in the office.

Say goodbye to Outlook Calendar reminders, endless Excel Spreadsheets and a multitude of documents and paperwork to cover your safety needs! The HSEQ Digital will streamline your processes with its fully connected approach and  ensure your WHS responsibilities are met without all the time and hassle.

For further information, download the NECA SA/NT HSEQ Digital brochure by clicking here >>


3. HSE Small Business Pack

Meet your small business WHS requirements with the HSE Small Business Pack! This suite of documents ensures you are complying with the necessary requirements of the WHS Regulations. The HSE Small Business Pack provides 24/7 access to documentation via the HSE Small Business website, including:

  • Safe Work Method Statements
  • Toolbox Talks
  • WHS Policy
  • and other essential registers, checklists and policies. 

For further information, download the NECA SA/NT HSE Small Business Pack brochure by clicking here >>


4. HSE Digital - Small Business

Running a small business and don't require the full HSEQ Digital system? We have a solution for you! The new HSE Digital - Small Business product utilises the same online and app cloud-based solution as HSEQ Digital, but simply provides the WHS documentation necessary for a small business.

The HSE Digital - Small Business includes the same documentation as the paper based version (see number 3 on this page) but all documentation is integrated and streamlined between the office and the field, making your WHS requirements easier, simpler and more efficient.

The HSE Digital - Small Business includes five end user licences for trades in the field and one admin licence for your office computer. 

For further information, download the NECA SA/NT HSE Digital - Small Business brochure by clicking here >>


5. Suite of Safe Work Method Statements

We also offer members our full suite of Safe Work Method Statements to help members stay safe and to stay the right side of the law:

  • 20 SWMS to cover the High Risk Construction Work activities under WHS Law; and
  • 28 SWMS for typical Electrical activities; 
  • 19 SWMS for typical Refrigeration activities; and
  • 10 SWMS for typical Audio Visual activities.


For further information on any of our WHS products, or to obtain an order form, contact the NECA SA/NT HSEQ Manager, Ben Simpson, on (08) 8272 2966 or email Ben.