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20th May 2020

Introducing Our New Digital WHS Products!

We are excited to announce the official launch of our newest products for NECA SA/NT members:  ‘HSEQ Digital’ and 'HSE Digital - Small Business'. 

HSEQ Digital

The National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA) South Australia / Northern Territory Chapter has developed ‘HSEQ Digital’: an online & app solution for our Health Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) Management System.

Simplify your WHS requirements with HSEQ Digital and manage your Health, Safety, Environment and Quality documentation and compliance without the paperwork, all in one easy-to-use cloud-based solution.

Powered by Safetyminder, the HSEQ Digital has both an End User app for tradespeople in the field and an Admin licence for those managing your WHS Management System in the office.

The Administrator Licence, available via a computer, has the ability to:

  • Receive notifications (dashboard, email, SMS) of expiring licences, equipment calibration/testing, training required to be completed, safety incidents, audit reports and many more
  • Manage all registers
  • Manage all shared plant and equipment and know their location on or off site
  • Manage all incidents and investigations with sign offs for applicable supervisors and managers
  • Oversee all training (both internal and external)
  • Receive reminders for review dates for policies, SWMS and other documents
  • See when a SWMS is completed for a site and receive a signed copy via email
  • Assign security levels to supervisors and managers
  • Allow NECA to access the system for audits to reduce time onsite.


The End User app, available via a phone or tablet, has the ability to:

  • Develop and sign onto SWMS
  • Raise personal injury/incident reports, including the ability to take and store photos
  • Sign onto Toolbox/Prestart meetings
  • Submit leave requests
  • Receive notifications of outstanding items
  • Access applicable registers, such as PPE issue register
  • Directly link to the St John Ambulance website for first aid treatments
  • Suggest safety improvements
  • Upload relevant training certificates of completion
  • Store lists of all licences, certifications & qualifications of each individual staff member
  • Complete online inductions.


HSEQ Digital utilises all of our current Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Management System documentation to ensure you meet the requirements of legislation and relevant standards. The HSEQ Management System is certified by prominent JAZ-ANZ Accredited Certification Company, TQCSI, to ensure that the system meets the needs of electrical, communications, refrigeration and air conditioning businesses and provides independent and recognized certification in safety, environment and quality. The system is Certified to the QHSE Code: 2013 and fully meets the requirements of AS/NZS 4801: 2001 – OHS Management Systems. 

Say goodbye to Outlook Calendar reminders, endless Excel Spreadsheets and a multitude of documents and paperwork to cover your safety needs! The HSEQ Digital will streamline your processes with its fully connected approach and ensure your WHS responsibilities are met without all the time and hassle.

To download the HSEQ Digital brochure, click here >


HSE Digital - Small Business 

Running a small business and don't require the full HSEQ system? Not to worry, we have a solution for you! The new HSE Digital - Small Business product utilises the same online and app cloud-based solution as HSEQ Digital but only provides the WHS documentation required to run a small business. 

The HSE Digital - Small Business product provides 5 End User licences (mobile app for the trades in the field) and one Administrator licence for your computer. 

The HSE Digital - Small Business includes a range of documentation to cover your WHS needs including Safe Work Method Statements, JSA's, registers, procedures, plans, policies and more, all integrated and streamlined between the office and the field. 

Receive notifications and reminders on your Administrator Dashboard so you never forget when a training is due or when a piece of equipment needs to be serviced. 

Implementation of the HSE Digital - Small Business product into your business will also help you manage your staff, including their contact information, licences, industry training and more, all in one place. 

The HSE Digital - Small Business will make running your small business easier, simpler and more efficient.  


You can view our HSEQ Manager's presentation on the new HSEQ Digital and HSE Digital - Small Business products below.


For further information or assistance or to purchase the HSEQ Digital or HSE Digital - Small Business products, please contact NECA SA/NT's HSEQ Manager, Ben Simpson, on 0409 232 075 or email Ben