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Fleet Deals & Vehicle Management

Discounts and Savings with our Member Benefits Program!

The following include a list of suppliers who are willing to provide NECA members with a range of savings and benefits through the NECA Member Benefits Program.


Fleet Deals Available to NECA Members

NECA members can save thousands on their vehicle purchases, which is just another great reason to be a NECA member!

As a member of NECA you are able to purchase the following vehicles at discounted fleet rates:


Vehicle Management

NECA members are also able to receive discounts with the following vehicle related services:


How to claim your NECA member benefits...

Proof of membership is required when purchasing a vehicle through the NECA Fleet vehicle arrangements.

If you are a NECA member simply login to find out how to claim these great benefits!  

Alternatively, you can find out more about NECA and our member services here.