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Terms & Conditions

NECA SA/NT understands the complexities of running a business and the importance of putting in place the correct terms and conditions of agreement with your clients.  This essential step to any business ensures that your clients are aware of the proper conditions of working with your business and most importantly how and when you intend to be paid.

In addition to payment terms, there are a number of other terms and conditions of doing business which are very important, so NECA SA/NT has developed a relevant terms and conditions of agreement for contractors in the electrical and communications, refrigeration and air conditioning industries.

The NECA Terms and Conditions of agreement cover contractors by addressing and setting out how you expect to deal with them in business, and cover areas such as:

  • Rates
  • Payment and payment terms
  • Supply and delivery
  • Variations and changes to cost of materials
  • Extension of time
  • Trade credit accounts
  • Purchase orders
  • Invoicing
  • Returns and cancellations
  • Latent conditions
  • Product and service guarantee and warranty
  • Contractor liability
  • Insurance
  • Site and safety
  • Excavations and existing underground services
  • Asbestos and other toxic substances
  • Industrial relations
  • Supply authority, legislative and statutory charges
  • Confidentiality
  • Disputes (including clauses incorporating the Security of Payment Act 2011)


The NECA Terms and Conditions is available to NECA SA/NT members personalized in electronic format for $275.00 (inc GST).

To order the Terms and Conditions, contact NECA SA/NT to get an order form. For further information on all products and related services please contact the NECA Office on (08) 8272 2966.