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PV Design Guideline Changes

The Clean Energy Council (CEC) has made changes to both the design guidelines and install and supervise guidelines for grid-connect PV systems. The changes came into place on 1 February 2013.

To ensure the high quality of solar installations by accredited installers, the CEC produces both design guidelines and install and supervise guidelines for grid-connect systems.

While the guidelines set requirements that must be followed, they do not constitute a fully definitive set of rules and are to be read in conjunction with all relevant Australian standards.

Where these guidelines have additional requirements above that stated in the Australian standards then these guidelines should be followed.


We encourage all installers to check the guidelines set out in the following link if you are not already aware of these issues:


Note: one of the key points of the guidelines is:


In order to facilitate the efficient design of PV systems the inverter nominal AC power output cannot be less than 75% of the array peak power and it shall not be outside the inverter manufacturer’s maximum allowable array size specifications."


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