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Five Reasons to Choose simPRO in 2022

New year - new you; we’ve all heard the saying before. Although it may be an overused phrase (a phrase you might even find annoying), there is value in seeing the beginning of a new year as a fresh start. And this can even include a fresh start for your business with new goals and new technology to help you reach those goals. Whether that includes improving cash flow, taking on larger projects or scaling your business, it is essential to have a field service management tool that can support your business’ “new you”.

Luckily, software like simPRO can give you the tools to set your business up for success and reach these goals. In fact, simPRO was recently named a Leader in Field Service Management in the G2 Winter 2022 Grid® Report. As the largest tech marketplace, G2 features reports that showcase companies with the most satisfied customers and largest presence in the market.

Keep reading to find out five ways simPRO has helped customers and how it can help you reach your goals too!


1. Manage all operations from one solution

Your field service business has lots of moving parts. From managing assets to scheduling and dispatching field staff, managing your workflows efficiently is the key to keeping customers happy and growing your business. So how do you keep track of it all? With an end-to-end field service management solution.

What our customers say: “simPRO has everything we need in the one program, from creating leads for tenders to domestic quoting, invoicing and scheduling.” - Amber K.


2. Experience exceptional customer support

Bringing new technology like field service management software on board can be challenging without good training and support to help you get the most out of your investment. simPRO’s dedicated implementation and support teams make the transition to new software smoother for your whole team.

What our customers say: “Being new to simPRO we are still in the setup process, but the communication, training, and ongoing support has been fantastic.” - Administrator


3. Save time

Let’s be honest...we could all use more time. One of the simplest ways to save time is to eliminate inefficiencies in your overall business operations by replacing tedious manual processes with field service management software instead.

What our customers say: “The ease of navigation around works wonders for utilising my time as efficient as possible. The easability of creating an automatic process from start to finish in a job allows for a happy workday.” - Administrator in Construction


4. Run better reporting

Hands up if you spend more time trying to sort through your data than actually making decisions with it?! Stop using pen and paper to measure business success. Field service businesses like yours have found better ways to measure, analyze, and act on their business performance data with simPRO reporting capabilities.

What our customers say: “It is easy to create reports to find out the value of each of our customers.” - Courtney W.


5. Support your growing business

Growing and scaling your business is always top of mind. A cloud-based field service software is essential to set your business up for success now, and in the future.

What our customers say: “Automation of workflow management from job creation to customer and contractor invoicing. We’ve been able to scale from 100s of jobs to many thousands of jobs per year now by creating efficient workflows without having to hire lots of people to manage the volume of data.” - David O.


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