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14th September 2022

Industry Urges Government to Support Small Business

The National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA) have joined a chorus of associations raising concerns of economic impacts following the announcement of a snap public holiday. Associations are calling on government to provide access to support for small businesses already grappling with labour shortages and increased sick days.

NECA is among a raft of industry associations that have called on the Federal Government to compensate small businesses hardest hit by the short-notice announcement of a snap day of mourning, following the tragic loss of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Small and Medium sized businesses have expressed disappointment that a well-deserved day of commemoration will cause significant impact to their operations.

Construction industry associations have also called on the government to place pauses on completion penalties for small businesses who have already been rocked by a dwindling construction workforce only made weaker by ongoing sicknesses as the COVID pandemic lingers on across the country.

Oliver Judd, NECA CEO, said:
“We don’t seek to take away from the importance of this day and the acknowledgement of her Majesty the Queen’s significant service to our nation, however, government consultation with small businesses and those who will be hit hardest by a short notice, mid-week tools down, was absent prior to this announcement.
“Government must step up to the plate by supporting small business over this day of mourning, and actively implement measures like pausing abatement clauses and completion deadline penalties and assisting with the costs of added penalty rates. Small businesses, who are only just finding their feet, must not be made to continue to wear the brunt of unforeseen, deeply unfortunate circumstances, as they have for the past two years.”