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NECA.HR Employee Management System

The new suite of neca.HR products are here! Whether you have 1 employee or 500, we have a solution for you.

  • User friendly – no previous knowledge required!
  • Helpful tips and tricks for you to further develop and personalise your system
  • No hidden costs or extra payments
  • All products personalised with your company details
  • Clear, concise and direct instructions – so you can spend more time doing the important things
  • All documents provided on a personalised USB – no fuss, flexible and portable


There are 4 great products on offer, to suit all different circumstances.

The neca.HR Employee Management System has been created to be user-friendly, flexible and easily integrated into your workplace. Containing over 25 workplace policies, a complete recruitment package covering all employees (technicians, managers, office staff and subcontractors) and a termination package with termination letters for all scenarios and exit documents, it is designed to be the source of all your HR needs. It contains an Employee Management section with annual and quarterly performance review procedures, a formal disciplinary procedure and procedures for modern day issues such as Indigenous Engagement plan, now required by many head contractors. Additionally, there are dedicated policies, procedures and forms to cover Employer’s obligations under Anti-Bullying legislation. The Employee Management System is presented on a personalised USB and teamed with a procedural handbook. Included in the package is a personalised Anti-Bullying education seminar for all managers/supervisors of the organisation.

In addition to the Employee Management System, a number of packages are available to suit businesses of all sizes and all requirements.

Members can purchase the neca.HR Workplace Policies Package alone, containing over 25 policies covering the most common workplace disagreements/disruptions. It is ideal for the businesses with already established employment, management and termination procedures.

The neca.HR Anti-Bullying Prevention Package includes all required policies, procedures and forms to cover Employer’s obligations under Anti-Bullying legislation as well as an in-house personalised Management Anti-Bullying Education Seminar.

For small members with less than 5 employees, the neca.HR Small Biz Essentials Package contains relevant Recruitment, Warning and Termination documents as well as a detailed Company Policy Statement and covers all the legal requirements of these smaller businesses. This is an exclusive package for our small business members and can be upgraded to the complete Employee Management System by paying the difference. This is our best value product by far, sold at a reduced price as we know how hard it can be running a small business.

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For further information about neca.HR or to order your copy, simply contact the NECA SA/NT Office on (08) 8272 2966 or email Dain Venning, Workplace Relations Advisor at