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1st October 2020

Regulatory Changes for Smarter Homes: New Requirements for Installers

Several new technical standards and requirements for installing smaller energy generators (such as rooftop solar) come into effect from 28 September 2020 that our South Australian members need to be aware of.

There are major changes that affect SA members from Monday 28 September, and customers will also need to be informed of their responsibilities moving forward.

In addition to the information below, you can download the email from the Department of Energy and Mining here > 

What Do You Need to Know Before Installing an Electricity Generating Plant?

  1. There are new testing requirements for inverters from Monday 28 September 2020. Only inverters that have been assessed and approved by the Technical Regulator will be allowed to be installed. A list of approved inverters is available here.
  2. Electricity generating plants will need to have an approved nominated relevant agent from Monday 28 September 2020. A relevant agent is required to act on instructions to manage rooftop solar output in an emergency. A list of approved relevant agents can be found by clicking here.
  3. New smart meter wiring guidelines prescribed by the Technical Regulator are also coming into effect from Monday 28 September 2020. The new Technical Standard can be downloaded here.


What Information Should I Provide to Customers/Owners?

Customers/owners affected by these changes should be made aware of the new requirements. The customer/owner should seek information upfront on any associated charges for maintaining the disconnect/reconnect agreement. The Department of Energy and Mining has developed a fact sheet which members can provide to their customers. Download the fact sheet here.


Why Are These Changes Being Implemented?

The Government of South Australia is implementing new ‘Smarter Homes’ initiatives to support the transition into a modern renewable power system. These new technical standards and requirements manage some of the emerging risks to SA's power grid, help operate the electricity network more efficiently, and help to prepare for the smarter energy technology in our future.

The changes outlined above have been designed to both increase the amount of generation connected to the distribution network in the future and to assist the market operator to maintain the required balance between our electricity supply and demand. Better balancing of supply and demand will help avoid potential energy outages.


Further Information

Additional information, including Frequently Asked Questions, can be found here. A fact sheet for installers can be downloaded here.

If you require any assistance or further information, please contact the NECA SA/NT Business Relationship Manager, Leah Boyce, on (08) 8272 2966 or email Leah

The Office of the Technical Regulator can also respond to queries on (08) 8226 5518 or via email.