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29th November 2022

Introducing NECA Certified Contractor

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new program, NECA Certified Contractor. This initiative aims to recognise members who are meeting all their legal and regulatory requirements of running an electrical contracting business, and who are exhibiting best industry practice. 

Members who meet the criteria will be able to proudly display their NECA Certified Contractor logo and banner on their emails, websites, vehicles - wherever you please! 

This new program aims to help members to promote their business to potential customers or other contractors to show they are appropriately licensed, trained and have extensive Workplace Health and Safety documentation in place. 

To apply, simply download the NECA Certified Contractor Application Form, complete the required fields and return to NECA SA/NT with the attached documentation. 

Once approved, you will be supplied with a suite of marketing materials that you can use. 

Please note NECA SA/NT will audit a minimum of 10% of members annually to ensure they are continuing to meet the criteria of the NECA Certified Contractor program.