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NECA Hazard/Risk Identification Booklet

The NECA Hazard/Risk Identification booklet was developed by NECA SA/NT to assist with recording hazards, the risks they pose and the control measures taken.

Used in site/workplace inspections the booklets can help to identify hazards so they can be eliminated or controlled before an incident occurs. Once a hazard has been identified, the risk that the hazard would pose should be assessed. The next step is to identify available control methods and select the most appropriate.

The pocket-sized booklet gives employees the tools required to perform the identification of hazards and risks themselves. The format of the booklet provides duplicate copies of the hazard ID, which has proven to assist supervisors in managing the safety of a site.

The Hazard/Rick Identification Booklet is a key part of the HSEQ Management System and should be used in conjunction with the system.

For further information or assistance please contact the NECA SA/NT office on (08) 8272 2966 or to order your copy, email Jasmin Valera.