Risk Focus

Risk Focus

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Simplify your Toolbox Talks

NECA's Risk Focus program was developed to simplify risk management processes in electrical contractor business of all sizes supporting the way your business manages risks, training, legislative updates, and risk assessments.  

Each month the NECASafe team will take a deep dive into a specific set of risks of working in the electrotechnology industry and provide your business with a toolkit of documents related to that risk category. These toolkits will ensure that your business has complete support to manage and mitigate crucial risks ensuring your business always remains compliant with the vv state and federal regulations. 

Keeping your worker's safe

Each month your business can utilise a set of safety tools that have been reviewed, updated or newly developed by NECA’s in-house specialist NECASafe team including;  

  • Recorded video Toolbox Talks at one of your local MMEM wholesaler that your business can deliver at anytime 
  • Complete toolbox talk management system that tracks employee attendance 
  • Specialised toolbox talk templates that your business can deliver at anytime  
  • Risk Register Updates and Safety Inspection checklists  
  • Multiple safety policies and Member requested forms  
  • Safe working procedures and Operational procedures
  • NECA SWMS templates

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