HSEQ Consultancy Services

HSEQ Consultancy Services

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About NECA's HSEQ Consulting Services

NECA's HSEQ Consulting Services provided by NECASafe offer the expertise of highly skilled Safety Advisors dedicated to delivering top-tier safety risk management for businesses of all sizes.

Our primary goal is to enhance workplace safety and ensure legal compliance by tailoring effective solutions to suit each business's unique profile. We have a team of experienced professionals who can assist in developing, implementing, and maintaining effective safety management systems.

Transform Safety in your Business

At NECA Safe, we understand the importance of workplace safety and how it directly impacts the well-being of employees and the success of a business. Our HSEQ consulting services go beyond just meeting legal requirements; we strive to create a culture of safety within businesses that not only protects employees but also promotes productivity and efficiency. 

Consulting Services

Our range of Consulting Services are designed to help you meet the specific needs of your business . These services include:


Electrical Shock Investigations; Incident Investigations (ICAM); Integrity Investigation for major WHS breaches & Crisis management support

Document Audits

Compliance reviews; ISO Gap analysis; ASP Gap analysis & ESO Disciplinary Audits (QLD)

Site Audits

Electrical Work Safety Inspection; AS/NZS 3012 Construction wiring inspections & Site Safety Inspections

Pre-Qualification Assistance

We can provide advice & support on CM3; Avetta; Pegasus & Browz while you complete these difficult processes

Document Development

Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS); Management plans; Policies & Tailored document packs

Business HSEQ Support

Outsourcing; Maintenance of WHS system & Electrical Safety Specialisation

Create a safe and compliant workplace

Create a safe and compliant workplace

Our team of Safety Advisors are all highly qualified and experienced in various industries and sectors, making them well-equipped to handle any safety challenges your organisation may face.

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