NECA's Government Relations team comprises specialised experts dedicated to managing relationships with government entities and advocating for NECA member's interests.

They ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations while influencing policy decisions in favour of NECA. Key activities include:

Government engagement

  • Engaging with officials and policymakers
  • Monitoring legislative and regulatory developments
  • Advocating NECA's positions on policy issues 

Policy influence

  • Developing advocacy strategies and submissions
  • Formulating policy recommendations

Issues management

  • Identifying and mitigating risks to NECA's reputation

How NECA advocacy team helps members

The NECA advocacy team empowers its members by actively engaging with government bodies to:

  • Policy advocacy: Influence policies and legislation crucial to the electrical and communications industry.
  • Regulatory support: Provide guidance on compliance and advocate for regulatory reforms beneficial to NECA members.
  • Industry promotion: Enhance visibility and highlight the value of NECA member services.
  • Training and development: Support workforce skills enhancement and bolster NECA's training initiatives.
  • Networking and collaboration: Foster industry connections and facilitate knowledge sharing among members.
  • Crisis management: Offer strategic support during industry challenges to safeguard member interests.

Through these efforts, NECA ensures its members thrive in a dynamic regulatory landscape, promoting growth and excellence in electrical and communications contracting.

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